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Charro Coils Single Edition Single Alien 22mm


Single 22: Resistance designed for quiet vaping with a relatively high ohm. Perfect to taste liquids to their fullest. Recommended for 22mm atomizers.

Built with three 28ga cores and a 38ga claptomized, all 100% Nichrome80 by KIDNEY PUNCHER, in 6 wraps in a 2.5mm guide. 0.37 Ohm.

The packaging includes: 2x coils

Charro Coils Single Edition

The range of CharroCoils resistors is born with the illusion of bringing the best quality to each vaping style so that you can fully enjoy the experience of vaping your favorite liquids. The philosophy of CharroCoils is to offer high performance resistances, betting on an unbeatable taste.

The CharroCoils resistors, focus on offering an instant draft, for this we use the ideal materials for each model, balancing the resistance mass, so that in no case the battery is stressed when vaping.

All our resistances are made by hand, in Spain, using a selection of materials that are Nichrome 80 and 316L Stainless Steel of surgical grade of the prestigious KIDNEY PUNCHER brand and in the 90’s range we use Nichrome 90 from another great American brand, Lightning Vapes .

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