Simple and powerful electronic cigarettes for direct lung vaping? Vaporesso introduces the new GTX GO series. This is specifically the smaller GTX GO 40, which in addition to sufficient performance also offers a standard battery. In the classic pen style construction and in the metal body there is an integrated battery with a great capacity of 1500mAh. It not only provides enough power for included heads and rich clouds of vapor, but also great capacity to enjoy long vaping on a single charge. In addition, a practical 1A USB-C port is ready for fast charging.

Vaporesso has managed to update the design of so popular pen-style e-cigarettes and instead of the classic tank uses a simple and practical pod. The GTX Pod 22 does not need to be screwed to the battery, it is connected and held with magnets. It offers a good volume of 3.5 ml and a simple filling system, where you just unscrew the top part of the pod and just refill your favorite e-liquid. The required airflow can also be easily set, which affects the tightness of the draw. Simply turn the base in the battery to precisely adjust the airflow.

The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 can be used even by a complete beginner, it does not require any settings, you just need to charge the battery and fill the pod. A heating head is inserted into the pod, which takes care of the vapor production. In the package you will find one with a resistance of 0.6Ω with a modern mesh coil. It ensures fast and even heating, a rich clouds of vapor and great flavor. It is designed for direct lung vaping or loose mouth to lung hits.

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