New e-liquid available at smokedifferent

New e-liquid available at smokedifferent

The new e-liquid from enjoysvapo it s finally arrived .

we are happy to introduce you ELISIR

elisir organic e-liquid smokedifferent

Enjoy Svapo Organic Grapefruit e-liquid

Enjoy Svapo Organic Grapefruit flavour eliquid. Organic ecigarette eLiquid.

unique liquid , a true extract of Pink Grapefruit, tangy, refreshing during the vaping with the classic bitter taste on the tongue released.


Elixir as many organic liquids interact with some plastics ruining them or breaking them, you should use systems Pyrex Glass or stainless steel tank or PMMA


The best performance you will get by using the aromatic systems or Mesh s or microcoil cotton. In the first case you will hear the notes more ‘sharp and pungent, in the second case you will have a taste more’ round and pleasant.

You will achieve a good result in dripping

Moving on to less technical systems more ‘popular on the market we recommend the use of: Iclear16 and 30 Kanger Protank, Kanger EVOD BDC Glass, Pyrex Aspire Vivinova, JustFog tank with PMMA, and Siam Tanks Mods coupled with Cartom Boge